What's New In Ready Player Me 3D Avatar Maker (November 2021)

Daniel Marcinkowski

Written by Daniel Marcinkowski

  • 29 November 2021
  • 3 min read
What's New In Ready Player Me 3D Avatar Maker (November 2021)

When in the future we look back at the fall of 2021, it will be one of the biggest milestones for the metaverse. Companies like Disney and Nike are announcing their intention to partner up with technology giants to make the virtual world happen. And we are here to help. Ready Player Me has already empowered over 750 companies to take part in building the metaverse.

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In November, we worked on many new features that we will be adding to our avatar platform soon – including monetization options. We can't talk about everything just yet, but who said we couldn't give you a little teaser? Here's what's new and coming soon to Ready Player Me.

Say hello to our developer relations team

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our team, including a dedicated developer relations team. Juho, who is leading it, will be guiding our Partners through the integration process – from proof of concept to a public launch. Juho has an extensive background in gaming and SaaS and worked at companies like Rovio and Unity. His passion lies in customer success and in emerging technologies.

As always, if you run into any problem with using our avatar platform in your app or game, you can submit a support ticket.

We are looking to grow our developer relations team in the coming weeks and months. If you or someone that you know would be a great fit, feel free to apply here.

Ready Player Me in world's first cross-platform WebAR game

We had a chance to work with 8th Wall and Aircards on multiple occasions, including the Dune avatar campaign and Charli Cohen's Kaleidodrip collection. In both experiences, users could create their Ready Player Me avatar with special outfits and preview them in augmented reality.

The latest project that we got to team up for is 8th Wall's own game – Summit Scramble. It's also the world's first immersive cross-platform web game that can be played simultaneously by multiple people using a desktop web browser, smartphone, and VR/AR devices.

Summit Scramble is a great example of what's possible if you put AR and Ready Player Me avatars together. Here are other augmented reality projects that use our avatar platform.

deadmau5's collection on Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me Deadmau6 Head5 Project

In case you missed it, we partnered with deadmau5, Pixelynx, and artist smearballs to bring the Head5 collection to the Ready Player Me platform. Owners of the virtual heads will be able to put them on their avatars and use them in supported apps and games.

We are also excited to announce new monetization options for our Partners. We will share 50% of all revenue that Ready Player Me is making from the project between the developers that are using our avatars in their public apps.

There are no additional steps for our Partners or developers using Ready Player Me to support the Head5 assets. We also offer an option to opt-out from supporting them if you wish so.

We have more projects like this on the way, so stay tuned!

Coming soon – more monetization options for developers

Besides sharing revenue from sales of collectible customization assets, we are working on monetization tools for all developers using the Ready Player Me platform. Soon, we will start introducing premium avatar customization options created by us and brands that we work with. Like the Head5 project, qualifying developers and Partners using Ready Player Me avatars in their products will get a share of the revenue from sales of those assets.

We are setting foundations for the monetization tools with the postMessage v2 API. Currently, it provides the same functionality as the existing API, but we will be adding more features with time. Keep an eye on our documentation and Twitter for more updates.

Everything else that's new

As always, there are a lot of more minor updates that deserve to be mentioned:

  • The avatar creator in an iframe now works in the incognito mode
  • Introduction of the postMessage v2 API with additional details about exported avatar coming soon
  • Users can now select and change their primary avatar in the Ready Player Me Hub
  • We added new classic outfits, perfect for business-related applications
  • We improved the algorithm for predicting the color of facial hair and eyebrows
  • We added support for blendshape-based eye rotation and tongueOutblendshape
  • It's now possible to change the avatar's head size

Head to our docs to read about the new features.

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What's New In Ready Player Me 3D Avatar Maker (November 2021)

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