What's New In Ready Player Me 3D Avatar Maker (December 2021)

Daniel Marcinkowski

Written by Daniel Marcinkowski

  • 23 December 2021
  • 2 min read
What's New In Ready Player Me 3D Avatar Maker (December 2021)

The year 2021 was important for the metaverse and its future. It has also been the most important year for Ready Player Me. There are now almost 1000 companies who joined us on the mission of building an interoperable and open metaverse. We couldn't be more excited for the next year and things to come.

Since it's our last product update this year, we would like to take the opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As for December, here's everything new with the Ready Player Me platform.

A few months ago, we partnered with OZ who are building video creation tools with avatars like Ready Player Me. We got to work together to create an avatar for BBC's Marc Cieslak and his material on the metaverse, featuring interviews with executives from Meta and Microsoft. Watch the full video here.

Ready Player Me was also featured in CNBC's Squawk Box show about what's coming to the metaverse in 2022. Watch it here.

The Head5 collection is live

Earlier this month, we officially launched support for the Head5 collection on our platform. Users who own deadmau5's collectibles can verify their assets and use them in supported apps and games, like Somnium Space, CybrXR, MoNA, and Blind Chihuahua. As we announced last month, 50% of our revenue share from sales of Head5 assets will be distributed between our eligible Partners.

We have another project coming soon that involves the original Cryptopunks. Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with it.

Head5 assets on Ready Player Me avatars

Everything else new in December

  • Ready Player Me supports new languages: Japanese, Korean, and Chinese
  • We have a podcast! Listen to the first two episodes of Ready For The Metaverse on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, featuring Immersed and SideQuest
  • We are hiring all over the board. If you know someone passionate about the metaverse, send them our way
  • Check out the new overview of our Unity Avatar SDK by Dinesh Punni

Become a Partner and add Ready Player Me avatars to your app or game

Excited about new features coming to our platform? We are always looking to help more companies and developers become part of the metaverse. If you have a project that's a good fit for our avatars, apply to become a Partner.

What's New In Ready Player Me 3D Avatar Maker (December 2021)

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